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A firm family foundation

Here at Rose Signage Co we are powered by only a few things - love, family and coffee! 

We set up our business because we are passionate about creativity and design, and because we saw a gap in the market for luxurious wedding decor items that were different to the rustic boho chic that has dominated the feeds of instagram for so long! We have then developed our business further to now provide small businesses with stylish essential signage to evelate their brand!

As a husband and wife team, along with our very cheeky brand ambassador Harrison we set about building a business providing signage items for weddings and events, as well as small businesses. We love to make items which we know will make your decor really stand out.  We have fallen in love with helping small businesses with laser printed and laser cut signage for their salons, studios and boutiques!

Meet Founder and Creator, Rosie

On a mission to find the perfect sign maker for my own wedding little over 3 years ago. I realised that there was a massive market in the UK not being provided for, with some really big trends I found on Pinterest.  Including wood and acrylic hand painted designs. Mostly coming from the USA & Australia.  Having fell in love I started my own journey to making my own signs for my big day.

My husband was so impressed with what I had managed, he encouraged me to start an Instagram account. Sharing my journey. I never expected the reaction it met so quickly. Soon I had an Etsy shop. After four months of being open the shop got so busy, I had to take a massive leap of faith. To leave my full-time job to go self-employed. And I have never looked back.

After one year of being open things where so busy my husband decided to sell his business to join me. We are now a husband and wife duo absolutely loving everything about what we are doing - with a growing team to support us.

When we started our business we only had a few signs available for brides to purchase, then we have worked hard to build up a portfolio of products which would really enhance the overall decor of the wedding. In 2019 we invested in the business to add laser engraving and laser cutting to our ranges, and we were delighted with how popular our new products were. 

When the coronavirus pandemic took hold in 2020 we had to do a massive re-evaluation of our business, as weddings were not able to go ahead we decided to shift our focus. Where previously we were predominantly about weddings, we decided to move more towards supporting small businesses with signage and decor items to enhance their studios, salons, offices and boutiques. The growth of our business in this area had been phenomenal and we are now ready to embark on our next big milestone - dedicated studio premises to produce our products! 

We are so grateful to our customers for their support and loyalty during such a challenging time and we can't wait to serve even more of you with more of our exciting products to come...

rose signage co

Working hard together to build a future!

We are Rosie and Steve. We met over a decade ago… after 6 years together Steve finally popped the question while on holiday in Vegas. 2 years of planning we had our perfect day in the summer 2018. With our gorgeous little boy Harrison by our side. We really enjoyed the whole wedding process… We can really apprieacte the dream of your big day and seeing it all coming to life.

As most couples do, we share lots of common interests. We became Veggie together little over a year ago, and really enjoy the journey and experience this has brought us. When we aren’t creating business signage and wedding decor we really love to go out in the outdoors, going for walks and climbing are two big passions.

I would prob say our biggest love is Music and gigging. We both have mixed taste in music. But as gig buddies we tag on to each other’s preferred nights. We have seen so many bands/acts together, we even named the tables at our wedding after them.

We both have now found a massive passion in Rose Signage Co. We see more of our little boy now then we ever did, and we are so grateful for that. We have big expansion plans over the coming years. We are excited for the journey ahead!

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Great item

A* Seller. would definitely recommend!

wedding table decor


April 2021

Totally worth the wait. It’s beautiful!!!!! So many compliments. I love it!!!!!

social media signage available from etsy


March 2021

Looks fantastic and stylish in the salon!


March 2021

Such an amazing product which has completely transformed my salon doors.. I will definitely be ordering more!

Beth, Mar 2021