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  1. The UK wedding industry is worth a huge £10 billion every year – that is a lot of happy couples, a lot of dresses, cake and confetti but also a lot of jobs and income for local people and communities. In 2020 it is estimated that 64% of weddings were unable to go ahead, with many being postponed until 2022. From 19th July, in England, there has been no limit on the number of guests at weddings and with many couples wanting to go big to make up for the delay, the big white wedding is definitely back on!

    Shopping Small and Supporting Wedding Suppliers in the North of England

    The Covid-19 pandemic affected us all, but it affected the wedding and hospitality industry more than most. With such a huge proportion of weddings planned for 2020 unable to go ahead and 220,000 being postponed until 2022, this caused revenue across the industry to fall considerably. For some wedding businesses, in 2020 they took just 10% of their usual annual income. To support the struggling wedding industry, the UK Weddings Taskforce was set up to help the industry get back on its feet after the pandemic so that wedding suppliers can continue to make dreams come true for the 279,000 couples who tie the knot annually. 

    Despite the formation of the Taskforce, many industry professionals feel that the wedding industry was not adequately supported during and following the pandemic. If you are one of the 95% of UK couples who choose to tie the knot here in the UK, now more than ever small wedding businesses need your support. As a wedding supplier based in the North of England, I am really passionate about supporting the other amazing Northern wedding businesses that can help bring your dream wedding to life. Assuming you have decided to get married here, in the North – arguably the best part of the UK to get married – this guide will help you find the best wedding suppliers for your big day. 

    This guide includes the best Northern wedding suppliers for all aspects of your big day including:

    • Wedding planning

    • Invitations

    • Décor 

    • Cakers

    • Makeup and hair

    The Best Wedding Planners in the North of England

    Best Wedding Planner in North England

    With the average couple in the UK spending £36,000 on their engagement, wedding and honeymoon, planning a wedding is no small task! From the venue and the transportation to the decor and the dress, there are so many details to arrange when organising your wedding. A wedding planner can make organising your dream wedding a stress-free experience, they will do all of the coordinating so that you can enjoy your engagement and wedding day! One of our favourite Northern Wedding Planners is VLW Events, who plan luxury Indian weddings both in the UK and abroad. Having all of the intricate details planned in advance can make a huge difference to ensuring that your wedding day runs smoothly and working with a Wedding Planner can help to give you this peace of mind.

    The Best Wedding Invitations in the North of England

    Northern England Wedding Invitations

    Once you have chosen your venue and decided on a date, sending out invitations is likely to be next on your list. Polka Dot Creations design bespoke wedding invitations to reflect you as a couple, from their base in the North of England. As well as helping you to set the tone of your wedding with beautiful bespoke invitations, Polka Dot Creations can also use sustainable FSC certified materials to make your invitations and will plant a tree for every stationery order they work on!

    The Best Wedding Signage and Decor in the North of England

    The Best Wedding Signage in North England

    After you have decided on the theme for your wedding and established the tone with your bespoke wedding stationery, the next step is to find wedding decor items to bring your theme to life. Acrylic welcome wedding signs can help to establish your theme and add a personal touch to your wedding day, as well as providing a photo opportunity for your guests! As well as your acrylic wedding signage being modern, versatile and making a statement, tabletop wedding signage can also be used as a practical addition to your big day. Your tabletop wedding signage will show guests where they are sitting to ensure that your day runs smoothly whilst also bringing your wedding theme into the reception venue. The Best Wedding Decor in North England

    The Best Wedding Cakers in the North of England

    No wedding is complete without a stunning wedding cake! I would recommend finding a cake maker once you have decided upon your wedding theme, so that you can find a caker who will incorporate your theme into your wedding cake. Different wedding cake makers will have different specialities, for example, Ripon based The Paradise Cake Company specialises in making sugar flowers. Hannah from The Paradise Cake Company creates realistic floral arrangements from sugar to decorate your wedding cake - perfect for an elegant floral themed wedding.

    The Best Northern Wedding Cakers

    Another of my favourite wedding cake makers based in the North of England is Kate from Little Button Bakery who specialise in making modern and original wedding cakes. These stylish wedding cake designs are perfect for weddings with a modern edge and Kate has even had one of her cakes featured on Coronation Street!

    The Best Wedding Cakers in North England

    The Best Wedding Hair and Makeup in the North of England

    The final business I would like to feature in this guide to the best wedding suppliers in the North of England is Nicola Whitfield, cruelty-free hair and makeup artist. I particularly like Nicola as an MUA because as well as using cruelty-free products, Nicola also specialises in enhancing your natural beauty, so that you can still look and feel like you on your wedding day (with an added bit of glam of course). Just like all of these other amazing Northern wedding suppliers, Nicola is really passionate about what she does and will do everything she can to make your wedding day absolutely magical.

    The Best Wedding Hair and Make Up in Northern England

    The Best Wedding Suppliers in the North of England - A Guide 

    From the perfect planner to divine decor, innovative invitations and magical makeup, these wedding suppliers in the North of England will go above and beyond to make sure that your wedding day exceeds your expectations.


  2. It's fair to say that it has been a difficult 18 months, both for couples ready to tie the knot and for the wedding industry. It is estimated that 64% of weddings planned for 2020 did not go ahead, with many of these weddings, along with weddings from early 2021, being postponed until 2022. For those who chose to proceed and tie the knot in a smaller ceremony, many have chosen a “sequel wedding” and have decided to follow their intimate ceremony with a big reception on the date of their wedding anniversary - an “anni-ception”. 

    From 19th July, in England restrictions were relaxed so that there is no limit on the number of wedding guests. With this easing of restrictions, this year there was a 9,900% increase in the number of google searches for “sequel weddings”. Whether you are planning your wedding day or an “anni-ception”, you are probably looking to go all out to arrange the perfect wedding day. The perfect wedding day will, of course, be different for every couple, but your decor choices can have a huge impact on the aesthetic of your wedding, how the day runs and how relaxed your guests feel. As part of your wedding decor, acrylic wedding signage is the wedding trend you are going to want to incorporate into your big day...

    Why choose acrylic wedding signage for your big day?

    • Acrylic Wedding Signage is modern

    • Acrylic Wedding Signage is also versatile

    • Make a statement with your Acrylic Wedding Signage

    • A practical addition to your wedding day

    • Creating everlasting memories with your Acrylic Wedding Signage

    Find out more about our journey to creating Acrylic Wedding Signage here.

    Acrylic welcome wedding signage

    Modern Acrylic Wedding Signage 

    Acrylic wedding signage is the perfect addition to your big day, with stylish fonts and metallic accents bringing a modern touch to your wedding signage. Every wedding is different and your big day will be unique to you as a couple, as well as each acrylic wedding sign being bespoke to your wedding, you can also add foliage or accessories to your sign, to further enhance your wedding theme. 

    For example, natural colour palettes are predicted to be a huge wedding trend in 2022. The natural trend includes nudes, pastels and whites, so your frosted acrylic wedding sign or pastel coloured acrylic sign will fit this theme perfectly. To further incorporate your theme into your acrylic wedding sign, you could accessorise the sign with branches and leaves, to bring in the natural element of your big day.

    Versatile Acrylic Wedding Signage 

    As well as acrylic wedding signage being modern, the ability to customise your wedding sign to fit your wedding theme also makes your acrylic sign highly versatile. Your acrylic welcome wedding sign can fit any theme or venue - whether you opt for a traditional church wedding, a stately home or a modern skybar, your sign will be the perfect welcome for your guests. 

    In addition to being the perfect welcome for an indoor wedding venue, our versatile acrylic wedding signs are also suitable for outdoor weddings. Garden and outdoor weddings are another trend predicted to continue into 2022. Although it might seem like we are through the worst of the pandemic (fingers crossed), lots of people remain cautious and particularly for big weddings, guests may feel safer and more relaxed being outside. It can be more challenging to decorate an outdoor space to really make it your own and this is where acrylic wedding signage really comes into its own. Your acrylic welcome wedding signage can add a personal touch to the outdoor space as well as adding an element of glamour and highlighting the significance of your day

    Making a Statement with Acrylic Wedding Signage 

    If you aren’t sold on an earthy, natural colour palette for your big day, another wedding trend for 2022 is adding big, bold touches to your big day. Your acrylic wedding sign could be the bold finishing touch that your wedding day needs, particularly if you add a floral display to your signage, for an extra pop of colour. Displaying your bold acrylic wedding signage against a simple backdrop will help your welcome wedding sign to stand out and create a photo opportunity for guests.

    Modern acrylic wedding signage

    Acrylic Wedding Signage as a Practical Addition to your Wedding Day

    Not only is acrylic wedding signage a beautiful way of welcoming your guests and establishing your wedding theme, wedding signage can also be a practical addition to your wedding. Table top wedding signage can be used to enhance your table displays and also show guests where they are sitting, to help your day to run as smoothly as possible. 

    Acrylic wedding signage can also be a good way to direct guests, with welcome wedding signage showing guests where the wedding entrance is. Your acrylic signage could also be used to direct your guests to the wedding creche, which are becoming increasingly popular.

    Creating Everlasting Memories with your Acrylic Wedding Signage 

    If you have had to reschedule your wedding, possibly multiple times, your big day probably means more to you than ever. As well as having your dream wedding day, it is also lovely to have mementos and keepsakes that you can keep after the big day. Your acrylic wedding signage can be treasured long after your big day, as an everlasting reminder of the beautiful memories of your wedding day. You could even keep your acrylic wedding signage as a keepsake to pass down through the generations of your family.

    Acrylic Wedding Signage for your Big Day 

    With the Coronavirus pandemic causing huge disruption and heartache for couples ready to tie the knot, you deserve the wedding of your dreams. Acrylic wedding signage can help you to bring your vision to life and is a modern yet versatile addition to your special day. This versatility means your acrylic wedding signage can be a bold statement piece, a decor piece that becomes a focal point or you can use your wedding signage as a practical addition to your big day. After the confetti has been thrown and the honeymoon has begun, your acrylic wedding signage can provide an everlasting memory that you can cherish forever as a memento of your wedding day.

    Browse our range of Acrylic Wedding Signage.