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  1. How personalised wedding signage can bring your wedding day to life...

    Style it up


    Having a welcome to our wedding sign is nothing new, we know that. For the last few years there has been a massive increase in people investing in personalised wedding signage to really lift their big day and add that extra special touch and personality. We love that so many couples are choosing to bring their wedding to life with wedding signage and matching table decor to add that touch of luxe to their venue and reception. When we got married we were looking for the next level of wedding signage - and we found that the really modern and contemporary styles just were not available - and thats how Handmade By Rose was born!

    How having luxury wedding signage at your big day can make your day extra special:

    • Luxury wedding signage creates a theme for your big day
    • Personalising your venue with wedding signs can help to make the venue feel like it is "yours" for the day
    • For big venues it can be a great signpost!
    • You create a forever memory of your big day which you can treasure as a piece of artwork
    • Luxury wedding signage makes for a great photo opportunity for your loved ones

    Perfectly personalised

    Our luxury wedding signage is made from modern sustainable materials and our new laser etching machine allows us to create unique and stunning designs that are not seen from other wedding suppliers! We have been really busy this year helping brides with choosing their designs ready for their post coronavirus wedding celebrations. When we get feedback like this from our customers it makes us do a little happy dance!

    "Waw I LOVE our welcome to the wedding sign!!! We were due to get married in August but cancelled due to the covid. Cant wait to show this on our wedding day! Thank you so much to Rosie, very easy to communicate with and has done an amazing job on the sign. I love it in every single way 💜" Megan, Etsy


    We love creating unique, glamorous wedding signage for your big day, and our new range of acrylic wedding invitations and save the dates can give your guests a taste of what is to come - check out our new in range for more on these, and follow us on instagram to see the latest styles we have created for our amazing clients!


    Below we have put some answers to some FAQs for our luxury wedding signage, but be sure to get in touch if you have any specific questions.

    Happy Wedding Planning!

    Rosie & Steve xx

    Frequently Asked Questions about our luxury wedding signage:

    How long does it take to recieve my order?

    We handcraft all of our wedding signage and make every single sign to order with your bespoke customisation. As we are a small family business and we want to make sure we get every order right, this means that orders can take between 6-8 weeks. 

    Can I have different colours and finishes?

    Yes! We have lots of different combinations available to make sure that yoru wedding signage matches your style for your wedding perfectly.

    Do your wedding signs come in different sizes?

    For some of our products we have different sizes available - take a look at our Etsy store for more information.

    Can we get in touch if we have any questions?

    Yes of course! Drop us a message via Etsy, our website or email us at [email protected] and we would be delighted to help.

  2. How to plan your wedding!


    A guest blog by Andri Benson, from Always Andri 

    Wedding Planning: Getting Started!

    Hi I’m Andri Benson of Always Andri, London based boutique wedding planning company. I specialise in creating distinctive weddings and inventive celebrations. I’m delighted to be here sharing some wedding planning tips with you all.

    Wedding planning can be a minefield, with so much to do and all the expectations that surround weddings I hope my advice can go towards making it a little less daunting.

    In that first flurry of excitement when you’ve just been proposed to and are officially engaged it can tempting to go headlong into wedding planning with no real plan but I ask you to stop and consider these 5  important questions that will help you get on the right track from the start.

    I like to think of wedding planning as a big chain that interlinks, each link having a bearing on the next so knowing the answers to these questions will have a bearing on all your plans going forward.

    Q1. What kind wedding do you want?

    As every couple is unique so are weddings, so don’t think you have to have the big white wedding with all the traditional trimmings.

    Would you like to have a formal black-tie affair with all the gentlemen kitted out in tuxedo’s and ladies in long evening dresses with some bespoke cocktails on the menu in an elegant city wedding venue? Or do you see yourselves just wanting a relaxed get together with family style dining, pretty summer dresses and an industrial style warehouse venue?

    Do you want a church wedding, a non-religious civil ceremony which will give you a lot more flexibility in venue choice or for complete freedom to be married by an independent celebrant?

    What’s most important is that you think about the vibe you want for your day and how you want your guests to feel celebrating the day with you? Try to narrow it down to a few key words that describe this feeling and vibe and keep these in mind throughout the planning.

    It’s your wedding, don’t be swayed by what you think is the right thing to do; you want it to be a personal reflection of you as a couple. 

    modern wedding

    Q.2 Who to invite?

    You want to share your day with people that mean the most to you both so don’t feel like you need to invite everyone you’ve ever met. Make a provisional guest list as soon as you can, there’s no point looking for venues if you’ve no idea how many are coming.

    Split your list into groups, family, friends- school, university, work, and within each group list in importance. Grouping at this stage will also help if you eventually decide to do a seating plan.

    This is also a good time to decide who you want to play key roles such the best man and chief bridesmaid; your bridal party will play an important role not only on the day of the wedding but also in the planning so consider how supportive they can be when choosing them.

    Q3. What’s your wedding budget?

    Weddings can cost as much or as little as you want; it really comes down to what your priorities are but you need to know how much you are willing to spend. Will you be self-funding the whole wedding and/or will you have support from family? Rather than picking a number out of a hat so do a little research into the cost of weddings. 

    Q4. When to marry?

    Is there a time of year that holds a special significance, an anniversary of an important date in your relationship or do you want a summer or winter wedding? Your wedding budget may have a big effect on when you choose to get married because if you have to save you will need to give yourself long enough to do so.

    If the budget’s tight you may also want to consider getting married out of season i.e. not in the summer or think about a mid week wedding. Unless you’re having the most intimate of weddings or are willing to be incredibly flexible with dates you should ideally give yourselves at least a year to plan the wedding.


    winter wedding

    Q5. Where to marry?

    The location of your wedding will play a large part in your planning decisions. Do you want to marry close to where you both live now or perhaps you’ve always imagined returning to where you grew up to marry?

    If you love traveling or always pictured yourself marrying on a beach, then a destination wedding would be a great option and by making a holiday of it you’ll get to spend a lot more time with your nearest and dearest.


    Finally - What is important to you?

    Decide together what aspects of your wedding will have the most importance. Make a big list of all the things you think you would want at your wedding then number it by importance to you both and don’t be afraid to cross some things out completely. Focus on the top 3 items first.

    Think about they style and approach you want to take with your wedding so you can plan your order of the day, and think about how the day will flow so you get the most out of it as well as the guests! Thinking early about your wedding styling and decor is also really important so that you can create the overall vibe of the day that you have been dreaming of.

    If you both love good restaurants and want the food & drink to be at the top of your list, then you can make it so. Maybe you met at a music concert and feel a live band is key. You love photos - your home is covered in photos of family and friends; then a great wedding photographer will be key to giving you images from the day that you can look back on for years after.

    Don’t be swayed into having something because you think you “should “- it’s your wedding day.  When you know your priorities, you can decide where you want to spend time and money on when planning your wedding.


    Andri Benson is a leading London wedding planner, specialising in creating distinctive weddings and inventive celebrations.

    If you are looking for bespoke signage and decor for your wedding, Rosie & Steve would be delighted to have a chat and discuss your requirements. Drop them an email to get in touch.