How to elevate your business branding with custom business signage...

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How to elevate your business branding with custom business signage.

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A guest article by Online Visibility Specialist Pamela Rae-Welsh

There is so much competition for business out there that it can feel really daunting when considering starting your own business.  You know you have a great idea, and you have worked hard to get the skills and experience but making yourself stand out when there is so much competition can be really hard.  That is where branding your business to appeal to your ideal clients is so important, and how creating a consistent brand both physically and digitally can really elevate your status to become the “go to” in your niche.

Your business is what you do, your brand is the emotional connection to it.

Your business is the physical products and services that you sell – the bricks and mortar and the logistics.  Your brand is the value placed on that business by others.  It’s a really important distinction.  You want to build and define your brand so that your ideal customers will flock to you and will instantly recommend you to their friends and family.  Creating a brand can be hard work but it is so much more than a logo!

Here are 5 ways that you can elevate your brand with business signage that makes you stand out:

1. Your welcome signage, whether it is your sign above the door, your logo sign above your welcome desk or a stand-alone sign as someone walks in, having that immediate brand identifier will create an emotional connection with your customers.  The recent orders that the team at HBR have been creating  for salons and boutiques are gorgeous, using cutting edge laser etching techniques and high gloss finishes, they will give your clients the wow factor for sure.

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2. Social Media Signage.  We all know that Instagram and Facebook are where the majority of people hang out and share their lives, and we use it to market our brands in the most cost-effective way possible!  Having stylish signage to let your customers know where to find you on social media will help to increase your overall brand awareness, and will encourage your customers to interact with you online too – which increases their chances of coming back to you!

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3. Branded Price Guides and Services signs are a brilliant way of professionally displaying important information, and they help to save any embarrassment for those people who hate asking those types of questions!

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4. Covid signage is here to stay, so make it look pretty and your brand will stand out!  PPE, face masks, hand sanitiser – who knew that these would become the most used words of 2020?!  Having stylish signage not only helps you to look in control and professional, it will help to put your clients at ease too.  HBR have been so busy creating orders of their laser etched salon signage, and as we all get used to the “new normal” this can be really convenient and fashionable way to be compliant!

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5. Having branded navigational signage is a great way to make your boutique or salon look fabulous and create that real atmosphere.  You don’t always need to invest in expensive fixtures and fittings to make your business look and feel stylish.  Signs for doors or to indicate particular ranges for products and important areas is a great way to brand up your business without having to break the bank.

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So whether you are looking to start up your business and attract those first all important customers, or you are an established business looking to set yourself apart and brand for your ambitions, elevating your brand with stylish business signage could be a game changer for you!



Pamela Rae-Welsh is a leading branding designer, web stylist and online visibility expert.  Based in  Manchester, Pamela founded Worsley Creative Services two years ago, and has helped hundreds of small businesses with branding, digital marketing and increasing their online visibility.  Visit for more information.

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